CWP International


IMAGE001The Australian Region of Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians is one of nine regions spanning Commonwealth nations around the world. Our headquarters are located in London as part of the CPA Secretariat.

The International website explains the history and activities of CWP International:

“To affirm its commitment to strengthen the participation of women in government and society, the Commonwealth Heads of Government committed themselves to gender equality in the Harare Commonwealth Declaration of 1991. This was anchored by the CW Plan of Action for Gender Equality 2005-2015 Plan of Action (PoA), which draws on international commitments for the realisation of women’s rights.

Recognizing the need of increasing women’s representation in political institutions, the CWP was founded by women delegates at the 1989 plenary conference so women at future conferences could discuss ways to increase female representation in Parliament and work towards the mainstreaming of gender considerations in all CPA activities and programmes

For more information on the work of the International Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians, please click here

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