About CWP Australia Region

The CWP Steering Committee believes Australian political and party behaviours and cultures need to improve if we are to achieve equitable outcomes for women in Parliaments. Moreover, women who are elected to Parliament deserve to be heard on policy and governance issues, especially gendered issues such as domestic violence where our laws and programs have tragically failed too many.

CWP has an active presence in all Australian parliaments, and members use various methods; such as mentions in parliamentary debates, hosting forums and inter-parliamentary events, to raise awareness of the work and focus of the CWP.

Aims of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians:

  • To increase the number of women in Australian parliaments.
  • To provide a network for current women Members of Parliament.
  • To encourage young women to engage with democratic processes, build careers in the political sphere and learn more about the Commonwealth.
  • To educate all Members of Parliament on the work of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians and encourage them to get involved in its activities.
Thank you for taking an interest in these issues – we appreciate any feedback to help build this website into a major resource for all Australian women MPs, their parties and the public who are all stakeholders in this important cause.